As awesome as the tiny NES Classic Edition might be, we've had access to these classic NES games through the Virtual Console for some time, both on the Wii and on the 3DS. It's no surprise that the Nintendo Switch will have a Virtual Console too and it sounds like they're moving a little more recent with GameCube titles to boot.

Up until now, the "newest" games you could get via the Virtual Console on the Wii, Wii U or 3DS would have been from the Nintendo 64. You could get Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64 and Wave Race 64, among numerous others. For the Nintendo Switch, according to Eurogamer, the Nintendo GameCube is being added to the mix and three titles have already been tested as working.

The first, which will get everyone in the Smash community pretty stoked, is Super Smash Bros. Melee. If your old GameCube is on its last legs, you'll still be able to play Melee on some newer hardware. The other two titles apparently confirmed as up and running are Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion. If rumors are to be believed, Animal Crossing is the next game they want to test.

This becomes especially compelling because, as you might recall, the original Animal Crossing was revolutionary both for utilizing the GameCube's internal clock to affect in-game characteristics, but you could also play fully functional versions of NES classics from within the Animal Crossing game too. The Switch version for the Virtual Console should have that too, so it's almost like you're getting a NES Classic Edition inside of your GameCube Virtual Console on your Switch. Nintendo-ception!

We expect to hear more about the Switch, and hopefully more about the Virtual Console element too, from Nintendo some time next month.

  • JustACanuck

    I'm pretty sure you were able to play game cube games on the Wii... I remember playing them all the time.

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