The Gigabyte G1.Assassin motherboard has received the ‘Design and Innovation’ award from TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade and Development Council), the organizers of Computex 2011, in cooperation with iF International Forum Design. The GIGABYTE G1.Assassin motherboard is the first motherboard to be given this award. This marks it as the best example of unique component design, addressing the needs of elite gamers, a growing niche within the PC gaming market.

The Gigabyte G1.Assassin did not just win this award because of its military theme which includes a replica M16 assault rifle clip, ammo box packaging, or black and green color scheme. The G1.Assassin can also be proud of several onboard solutions targeted at gamers like myself. The first being the inclusion of the Killer 2100 NIC instead of your standard Ethernet controller. While many argue about the need of such luxury item, none will question it being of much higher quality than any integrated NIC. The Killer 2100 gives gamers the best possible online gaming experience, by bypassing the Windows Network Stack to deliver tremendous speed benefits and prevent packet loss (which creates issues with hit detection, disconnects, and player ghosting).

The G1.Assassin also comes equipped with a Creative X-fi Extreme Fidelity audio chip. Complete with approximately 16 high-end audio capacitors that produce premium sound quality far above any other motherboard. The Creative X-Fi audio chip on the Assassin is like having a $150 sound card installed without giving up a PCIe slot. It includes features such as full EAX, advanced 5.1, front panel audio amplifer, Dolby Digital Live and DTS (for your lossless 7.1 audio), and all the standard X-Fi goodies. Compared to other audio chipsets you find on all other motherboards, only the other two G1-Killer motherboards even come close.

Gigabyte also included their best heat dissipation techniques to ensure everything remains as cool as possible. The flat heat pipes and stylish heatsinks provide cooling to every major heat source on your motherboard. The only bad thing I could possible say about the G1-Killer series of motherboards is there currently is no AMD AM3+ version yet. When you turn your computer off and all your components go to sleep, this is what your motherboard dreams of being. The Design and Innovation Award presented by TAITRA and iF is well deserved for arguably the best gaming motherboard period.

If you want more details about this amazing product, I recommend Gigabytes G1-Killer page and Mr. Eric Garay’s review over at our sister site, which can be found here.

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