I’ll admit that I was quick to criticize Apple when I learned that the iPhone 7 wouldn’t have a headphone jack. It is what it is, and it’s good of Apple to include an adapter in every box, but it’s still far from a perfect scenario. Users are unable to use wired headphones while the phone charges, for example. Fuze is on the case!

The Fuze case looks to fix this problem by bringing back the 3.5mm headphone jack. Of course, getting rid of the jack allowed Apple to make the phone slimmer, so of course the Fuze case is going to add a lot of bulk to bring it back. Fortunately the creators of the case were smart enough to throw in a bigger battery to make use of the extra space.

As Fuze points out, bringing back the 3.5mm port doesn’t just let you use your traditional headphones, but it gives you access to other accessories that use the port as well. The IndieGoGo campaign has a $50,000 flexible goal and so far they’ve raised $51,039 with a month left to go still. I guess people really like their headphone jacks.

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