Luggage is a necessary evil, and while there are a wide variety of options available most of them still require you buy a number of different pieces for a number of different uses. Wouldn’t it be neat if there was a piece of luggage that would be equally helpful if you were carrying your laptop or packing a full week’s worth of clothes?

There is! FUGU Luggage has just successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign to bring an expandable, portable, durable bag to the market, and I can’t wait to see it on shelves. Not only can it transform from a carry-on size to a full-sized suitcase, but once you reach your destination it can be used as a desk or even a closet. It also includes a removable laptop case. Seems too good to be true, but it’s not.

FUGU Luggage has been measured to comply with current size regulations for air travel for both carry-on and checked baggage, so you’re all set with the same bag regardless of whether you’re on a day trip or a longer stay. It has built-in shelves that can be attached or collapsed as you need them, and when it’s expanded to full size it’s the perfect height to use as a desk or table.


To expand FUGU Luggage, hook the air pump to the inflatable sides and watch it grow. However, there are no worries about it collapsing or popping as the framework is ABS plastic for stability and protection. The case is water-resistant, and its sides are designed to absorb shocks to keep your belongings safe.

A pledge of at least $219.00 US was what they were asking on Kickstarter, with retail expected to be around $350.00 US. It’s not cheap, but it replaces at least three pieces of regular luggage so it’s not unreasonable, either. They expect to ship to backers in August 2015, so I expect their regular production runs will happen later next year.

Source: Kickstarter

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