All of us have hit the point in our day where we just want to hit something (or someone, let’s be honest). Usually, we don’t act on the impulse, which is good, really…there’s no call for violence most of the time, and who wants to go to jail for assault? Now there’s a handy little gadget you can keep in a desk drawer specifically designed for you to safely and legally vent your frustrations. It even hurts less than hitting your head repeatedly on your desk.

The Rage Gage doesn’t just let you hit it, though, or it wouldn’t be much of a gage (gauge). What it does is evaluate how hard you’re hitting. If it thinks you’re not hitting hard enough, it will taunt you until to hit it like you mean it. If, on the other hand, it thinks you’re already about to go sailing over the edge, it will start issuing calming instructions to talk you off the ledge. You can add character voices (Rush Limbaugh and Valley Girl are two available) or create your own. When life is good, you can use the soft gel pad as a game controller for both downloadable and online games.

Rage Gage is available in ten different designs, so there’s one to match your personality and/or decor. Usually, it costs $24.99 US, but right now it is on sale for just $19.99. Additional voices normally run $0.99 each, but right now are free to download. The software, RageGage Regagerator, is free as well, and it comes with a USB cable for downloading and playing games. You can use it unplugged, however, so you shouldn’t feel you are stuck at your desk when you need to let off some steam. They’re working on Facebook plugins right now, so soon you’ll be able to share your rage with your family and friends.

Source: The Gadgeteer

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