The PS3 homebrew scene is perched to make a quantum leap very soon, and a PS3 homebrew developer going by the name Snake Plissken is heading up that effort. Snake, the self-styled Chief Commander of PMW NATION, is currently working to develop the first homebrew 3D graphics engine which will be provided free to the homebrew development scene.

The engine is currently being used by PMW NATION for their own first-person shooter type game being developed as homebrew for jailbroken PS3s. Snake says that the engine is capable of being used in many ways and is in no way tied to making first-person type games. The development pushes the homebrew scene forward dramatically as most homebrew hacking to date has centered around utilities and media extensions on Sony’s console.

Here is a short list of features currently supported by the engine:

* 360 degree view in first person mode
* Object interaction and collision detection
* ACS event-based scripting
* MD2 and MD3 model support
* In game hubs and editors for creating monsters, weapons and items
* High resolution texture (PNG and JPG) and true color support
* Lighting effects: Colored lighting, dynamic lighting, brightness maps
* Translucency, depth of field and other focus effects
* UDP/IP support for multiplayer
* Music formats support: Ogg Vorbis, MOD, XM, IT, S3M MIDI, MP3 and MUS
* Sound effects support: FLAC, MP3 and WAV

More information will be forthcoming as development progresses.

Source: PSX-Scene via Homebrew Cafe

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