3D printing is all the rage, so it only makes sense that someone would come up with 3D printers for food. After all, we live in a society where fast and cheap food far outweighs the concern for nutritional value. These 3D printers could very well bring food production back into your home, where you control what ingredients are used and whether or not chemicals are part of your food. What’s not to like?


First let’s look at Foodini by Natural Machines, which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Unlike most 3D printers, Foodini can be used independently of a computer with a touchscreen display on the unit itself. It won’t be able to prepare all of your food ahead of time, but it will be able to make creative shapes out of food (think chicken nuggets for the kids), and you’ll be able to use up to five different nozzles at a time.

It will be your responsibility to process the food well enough that it can be used with the included nozzles. Basically, you’re turning regular food into baby food, then processing it back into regular food. If this sounds like something you’d like, a pledge of at least $999 US will get you in line for a January 2015 delivery. A pledge of $1200 US will get you an October 2014 delivery. Regular retail on these units will be $1300 US.

Source: CoolThings


Once you’ve made your meal, how do you feel about dessert? ChocaByte by Solid Ideas aims to ease your chocolate cravings without requiring a trip to the store.

It’ll create confectionery treats up to 2 x 2 x 1 inches using a syringe-based extrusion system, all 3D printed right in your house. They recommend it only for simple designs, but does it really matter if your chocolate is in some fancy shape? I think not. You’re just going to eat it anyway.

Oddly, it doesn’t contain an internal heating system, so you’ll have to melt the chocolate and fill the syringe yourself… at which point I have to wonder if you’re further ahead to just eat the chocolate you already have. But it’s nice if you’re trying to make shaped chocolates for an event or something. They have hundreds of templates of simple designs to choose from, as well as plans in the works to allow you to upload your own design.

ChocaByte is available for pre-order now, in a limited 500 unit run, for $99 US (chocolate cartridges $10 US each).

Source: CoolThings

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