Most of the time, if you’re working on your laptop, you don’t really need additional light. But sometimes, you also need to see paperwork and the light from your screen simply isn’t enough. If your life works like mine, you know this almost always happens when there isn’t a convenient light source nearby, or when turning on a light will disturb others. Airplanes also leap to mind, since the lights they put above your seat for reading are really not all that helpful.

The Foldi LED Lamp will put an end to your frustrations…at least about this particular problem. It is powered via USB (or three AAA batteries), and contains 30 LEDs so there’s no worry it won’t be bright enough. The lamp is foldable for easy storage and travel, and actually looks pretty nice, unlike some other similar products I’ve seen that look chintzy.

Foldi is not yet available, but when it does hit the market it’ll retail for 69.99.

Source: Ubergizmo

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