Whether you just want to make a DIY LED-lined computer case, or you need to outline a path to somewhere, this is exactly the product you need. At work, we pretty much always use the standard round rope light to illuminate paths through the nightmare tangle of cables backstage, but if you’ve spent any amount of time with them you know how special they are to work with. These, though…these could be the greatest thing to come along since the advent of computerized lighting boards.

Starting with the fact that each one measures seven meters (standard rope light is usually three meters at best), and adding in that it’s infinitely more flexible, you’ve got yourself a winner already. Then, you realize it also saves power, because as we know LED lights take a mere fraction of the electricity of regular light bulbs. They plug into a standard wall outlet, so no need for any kind of controller. But wait, there’s more! These are also waterproof! And, they’re backed with an adhesive strip for easy mounting. I just can’t seem to stop finding things to like about these! The only drawback I can find is they only come in blue.

If you think this will make your next party, or just a fabulous accent to a room, then you can pick some up starting at $37.30 US per unit (unit price decreases the more you buy), which is a savings of $18.66 off the MSRP.

Source: Red Ferret

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