I've been a PC guy for all of my computer-using life, and I've never once regretted it, though I have grown a little envious of the lack of malmare Mac users put up with. That isn't the case anymore, as the increased popularity of Macs has brought with it attacks aimed solely at those using OS X. One of the nastier attacks as of late has been a trojan called Flashback, which has nothing to with the 1992 videogame that is picture above.

According to a Russian antivirus company called Dr. Web, Flashback has infected over half a million Mac computers and shows no signs of stopping, recently jumping 50k computers in a single day. Flashback has been around for at least a year and the latest version exploited a weakness in Java, which Apple has since patched. Mac users would do well to take appropriate measures and check their computers.

via Slash Gear

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