The bold new button-free design isn't the only thing that will catch your eye about the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Apparently, they're getting rid of the TouchWiz UI this time around. No, you're not going to get the stock Android experience. Oh heavens no. Instead, you're getting treated to the Samsung Experience. Not to be confused with the pop-up events that come about every now and then.

As revealed by the good people at Sammobile, the Samsung-ified user experience on the new Galaxy S8 is both very similar to what we've already seen from Samsung and decidedly different. You'll notice that set of on-screen buttons on the bottom for multi-tasking, home and back, for instance, fundamentally confirming that the S8 won't have physical buttons on the front.

The app icons, both on the homescreens and in the app drawer, are also a little different. They've got an even more rounded square shape to them. The native app icons are also very minimalist with simple white lines to show the phone, messaging, camera, clock, settings and so on. For apps not created by Samsung, the icons can sometimes appear "inside" the container, as is the case with Google Maps, Chrome and YouTube.

But... those could just be placeholders. The leaked screenshots were yanked out of the APK for Samsung's Smart Switch application, which makes it easier for users to "switch" to the Samsung Experience from other phones. The expectation is that the Galaxy S8 will ship with Android 7.0 Nougat, skinned with the Samsung Experience. Expect the unveiling at the company's special event on March 29.

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