The original Microsoft Band released last fall wasn’t exactly the big hit that Microsoft had hoped it would be, but the Redmond, Washington-based software giant is gearing up for another go at the wearables market. Is it a smartwatch? Is it a fitness tracker? Is it a little bit of both? The answer, in effect, is yes and here is our first look at the all new Microsoft Band 2, set to be officially unveiled early next month.

Like its predecessor, the new Microsoft Band 2 should be compatible with not only Windows Phone (and now Windows 10 Mobile), but also Android and iOS devices too. Of course, you’ll get the most functionality by pairing it with a Windows device, like deeper Cortana integration and the rest of it. It’s not really the functionality of the new wearable that has our attention though; it’s the design.

This looks much better than the first device. The blocky display has been replaced with a slick curved display. That should help it wrap around your wrist a little more fashionably. You’ll also notice a new metallic finish on either edge of the screen, which should add to a more premium look.


The Microsoft Band 2, which has been carrying the codename “Envoy” internally, also comes with metallic physical buttons. As can be expected, it should still have a heart rate sensor, as well as a sensor to detect height changes when you’re exercising up and down a flight of stairs or hiking in the mountains, for example.


Along with a whole smattering of other possible announcements, including new Windows 10 smarthones, the Microsoft Band 2 should be unveiled at Microsoft’s special event on October 6th. We should learn about pricing, availability and more features at that time. For reference, the first Band launched at $199.

Source: Microsoft Insider via The Verge

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