With the advent of digital cameras and media storage and all manner and means of taking and keeping pictures, those of us of a certain age are left with albums and boxes and whatnot full of negatives. And, if we are old enough, we also have slides. The timing on this particular device popping up is amazing for me, since my mother just found a bunch of slides from my early childhood in a cupboard in her bedroom. We’ve been viewing them on her little battery-operated slide viewer, but some of them I really want to share digitally. I had no idea such a device as this existed, but apparently it does.

The SVP 3-in-1 PhotoScanner doesn’t just let you view your pictures by scanning your old negatives or slides, but it will save them to an SD card, which then can easily be transferred to whatever device you want them on. You can also view your pictures in a digital photo frame, of course, which could be fun at the next family gathering. It’s got a built-in 2.4-inch colour LCD screen for viewing and editing, its 5.1MP CMOS sensor provides 10 bits per color channel for data conversion, and uses fixed focus and automatic exposure control and color balance.

You can capture prints up to 5″ x 7″, and 35mm slides or negatives. All you have to do is plug the PhotoScanner into the wall, place your pictures or whatever in the easy-to-use trays (there are two, and they automatically align your images correctly), and within seconds you’re looking at your long-lost memories. It even comes with free software for editing, organizing and sharing your photos once they’re scanned. You can also connect directly to your computer via USB in case you don’t have an SD card (although I assume you do).

Sure, you could just use a regular scanner, but they’re not ideal, and I’ve never had much luck scanning film or slides. Even if you manage, they just don’t come out right. If you think you want one, it’s really pretty reasonably priced at $89.99 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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