Streaming music service Spotify is incredibly popular and it's available across a broad variety of devices. It's the best place to find Kendrick Lamar's new album for example and I'm currently rocking the free plan. As a Fido customer, though, I may soon be able to get some free Spotify Premium action.

Fido "top dog" Raj Doshi has indicated that parent company Rogers has partnered with the streaming music service to provide a free Spotify Premium subscription to their customers for a period of two years. That sounds an awful lot like it lines up with a typical two-year contract on getting a new plan and a new phone. The free Spotify Premium could be one of the new perks that will replace the FidoDOLLARS program in the upcoming Fido rebrand. My suspicion is that you'll need to get one of the new plans in order to qualify.

That's the first "cost" that you'll need to consider, especially if you're sitting on an excellent grandfathered plan with the ol' pooch. The second cost is far more significant as journalist Peter Nowak is indicating that the wireless data that you use to stream music through your Spotify account will count against your monthly bucket, unlike some of the other baked-in streaming services for mobile. This could be a ploy, so to speak, for Fido/Rogers to get you to either incur overage charges or opt for a larger data plan.

The details of this arrangement will be revealed in the coming weeks, likely coinciding with the new Fido rebrand featuring the new hipster puppy mascot.

Via iPhone in Canada

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