From the time I graduated high school until a few years after I graduated college I lived in a wide variety of apartments, from complexes to quirky 100-year-old houses that had been divided. One thing many of them have in common, however, is windows that may be conveniently placed for letting in light, but not so much for privacy. One of my apartments actually had a window in the shower, which was on the wall facing the street…at ground level. Especially in a bathroom setting, it’s not always practical to hang curtains or blinds, and many of the adhesive window frosting sheets available do not do well with the steam from your shower. Then there’s the part where unless you’re actually in the shower, you don’t necessarily want frosted windows.

On the other hand, frosted windows aren’t just about keeping your privacy intact. They also provide protection from UV rays, which can fade your furniture and otherwise damage the things in your house. But the sun isn’t stationary, so installing window frosting everywhere that sun can come in means you spend your life in a house where there is light, but you never get to see outside. For some people, that might work, but for most of us we need to be able to see further than our rooms.

SONTE has begun a Kickstarter project that aims to provide a solution to all of the above problems, and at the touch of a button. As with most window frosting, SONTE is a UV protective film you apply to your windows, providing instant privacy through frost. But that is not remotely the end. Using an electrical current, you can change your windows from clear to opaque frost to anywhere in between simply by using a free iOS or Android app via WiFi. This means you don’t even have to be at home to make it work; you just need to make sure your home WiFi connection is up and running and you can change your “blinds” at will. It can even be cut to the shape and size you need, for the ultimate in customizable window treatment.

It comes with the SONTE Film, Wi-Fi enabled transformer (one single unit), connector and cables and cleaning kit. If you don’t have a home WiFi network, there is also a version available with a simple on/off switch. There is just under a month left to pledge, so if you think this is something you can use, you’ll want to do so fairly soon.

Source: Ubergizmo

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