I suppose it’s possible that there are people in the world who have several iDevices gathering dust in a closet as they’ve moved on the better, more recent models. But my skepticism is in full force with this one, sorry. However…if you happen to have at least two iDevices you don’t happen to be using for anything, and you need a baby monitor, all you need to do is download the app and you’re all set! No need to run to the store for a baby monitor when you can just use supplies you have on-hand.

Of course, you then have to depend on signal strength, wi-fi networks, and the fact that you’ll have to put one of your iDevices in a crib with a baby, not to mention that whole radiation to the brain thing, but it’s worth it, right?

This is much more high-tech than a regular baby monitor, as you would expect. It features a log on system, a programmable feature that lets you decide how long your baby will cry (up to eight minutes) before notifying you, and of course the standard setting where you can listen to every little noise your baby might make. Unlike a regular baby monitor, you can set this one to notify multiple people, and you can choose between rings, emails and text messages to be alerted. Of course, everyone it alerts will have to be using an iPhone, but then iFreaks usually travel in packs anyway, right?

If you plan to have more than one baby, don’t despair that the system will never evolve! This fall, Evoz is planning to release a monitor for $120.00 US that will make it so you need only one iDevice, and further in the future they’ll have a system that is web-based…which will rely on your internet connection be it home or mobile network to operate.

Best part? Since you’ve already spent however much money on a bunch of iDevices, the app is available in the iTunes store for free! Why not give it a try?

Source: SlashGear

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