The release of the Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move came with the announcement both manufacturers expected these gimmicks to keep their current products fresh until 2015. This was painful for console gamers who have pushed their graphics to the edge some years ago. This also hurt PC gamers as many Triple A titles are being built for consoles, then ported to the PC. This means PC gamers are using powerful DirectX 11 capable machines to run DirectX 9c games.

Epic Games decided they are done with holding back technology. With their latest tech demo, Epic states it was directed toward console developers. I guess waiting another 4 years to develop games for technology PCs have had for almost 2 years is getting under their skin as well. I want you to note the demo is not just a video, it is an active cinema scene being rendered by PC built with current technology.

The reason consoles have not updated their hardware is some time is because they did not see enough difference in graphically ability for the past few years of updates. This video is Epic’s way of say those graphics are not just a future update.  They are possible now and everyone should just jump on for the ride.

Source: Tom’s Hardware via CVG

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