My home office is on an outside corner of my house and has wood floors. In the winter, it almost hurts how cold my feet get while sitting at my computer. Usually, I end up wearing socks and slippers, but sometimes it still isn’t enough. At first, I thought these were the silliest things I’d ever seen, but then I started thinking about it. What could be better than slippers that not only provide heat, but are powered from my computer’s USB port?

The slippers are light brown (yes, I understand they look yellow in the picture, but the text says light brown), and measure 28cm long. If your feet are bigger than that, you can just press down the backs and let your heels hang over a little. The USB cable is 165cm. That’s really all there is to them. If you think you need a pair, they can be yours for $42.00 US.

Source: GeekAlerts

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