This is either the most brilliant thing I’ve seen this week, or it is so boneheaded it defies comprehension. Either way, I find it fascinating and I really want to see one in person. I spend an awful lot of time cooking, but I also spend an awful lot of time nowhere near my kitchen because my work non-schedule is not really helpful. With this, I could possibly solve the problem of always having to eat out (or pack a lunch and hope I get a chance at the microwave) even on those days when work takes me away for 16+ hours at a stretch.

This is still a concept piece at the moment, but the idea definitely has potential. It provides a heated surface for cooking (as you can see from the picture, a small frying pan fits on it quite nicely) as well as a surface for chopping. Apparently, you can also grate, although I don’t see a grater in the picture. Maybe you have to provide your own. This also has a touchscreen, so you can have your virtual cookbook right there above your pan.

Obviously, there are some drawbacks, which I’m betting is why this is still a concept rather than a reality. Grease splattering on the screen is what immediately leaps to mind, but also I’m wondering how hot it gets underneath. If it’s hot enough to fry a burger, it’s certainly hot enough to fry the surface it’s sitting on. But I would love to give it a try.

Source: Technabob

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