The AMD A55 Hudson so far has only been mentioned in passing during reviews of AMD’s APUs or motherboards with the A75 Hudson. Well, ECS is releasing 3 new boards with the A55 Hudson FCH to market for HTPC users, businesses, and those who have to save every penny in this harsh economy. Let me introduce you to the ECS A55F-A, A55F-M2, and A55F-M3.

According to specs, these boards will be giving up FIS-based switching and native USB 3.0 support; however, these are not features average consumers need. If you know these are not going to be something you need, it is worth saving money with the ECS A55 motherboards.

ECS has also cut a few other options such as display connectivity and audio for the two microATX sized boards. While this would be a problem in the mid-range, these boards should be the entry level AMD Fusion boards I have been waiting to see. I expect these motherboards to be between $50 and $75 which would make them great values as actual performance should be similar to their A75 counterparts.

For more information about ECS and the A55 motherboards, you can find their website here.

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Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world’s leading motherboard, graphics card, barebone system, notebook and mobile device manufacturer delightedly introduces new family members of AMD APU supported motherboards—A55 series, providing users more options to enjoy entertainment life.

ECS A55 series—A55F-A, A55F-M2 and A55F-M3 support AMD A-series APUs for users to indulge in DirectX® 11 and UVD 3 graphics performance. That is to say, ECS A55 series fully supports AMD APU to present smooth and powerful gaming computing capability. With amazing overclocking power, ECS A55 series could support memory at least at 1866 MHz frequency. Furthermore, ECS A55 series also supports the Dual Graphics function to supply overwhelming graphics energy with one discrete graphics card.

ECS strongly insists on the quality of our products. ECS A55 series motherboards adopt solid capacitors around theCPU area to supply stable and safe power to the motherboards. In addition to high-quality solid capacitors, ECS A55 series motherboards are implanted withESD protection components and pass the anti-static test, as well. Therefore, ECS motherboards are safer and have alonger life-span than others.


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