Just hours after Microsoft wrapped up their conference, Sony, or as they’re now known, “the winners”, held their E3 conference. They effectively crushed the competition, mainly by not doing the stupid stuff that Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One. Read on for the wrap-up.

Q Entertainment and SCE Japan Studio will be bringing Destiny of Spirits, a free-to-play 2D RPG, to the PlayStation Vita. The game will involve collaborating with your friends in order to collect “spirits,” which will also be found in-game. Battle formation selections bring to mind Final Fantasy Tactics.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days, which Telltale refers to as DLC for season one, will be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, Windows, and iOS in July. It will also be part of a Walking Dead bundle for the PlayStation Vita that includes season one, 400 Days, and bonus content.

The Order: 1886 is a new IP and PlayStation 4 exclusive being developed by Ready at Dawn studios, the folks behind Okami. Judging by the trailer, the game clearly has some steampunk vibes, which should be enough to get a lot of gamers excited.

DriveClub, which was revealed alongside the PlayStation 4 back in February, will be a launch title. This new racer from Evolution Studios will be a racing game, not a racing simulator, and will feature a team racing element. That’s a lot of racing I just typed.

Killzone: Shadow Fall, the sixth title in the Killzone series and the fourth for consoles, will also be a launch title. The game will be set 30 years after Killzone 3, with the Helghast and Vektans still at war. If you know Killzone, than you probably know what to expect from Shadow Fall, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Knack, another game revealed in February, will also release at launch. The platformer comes from SCE Japan Studio and has been described as a mixture of Crash Bandicoot, Katamari Damacy, and God of War. Knack is probably the launch title that I’m looking forward to the most.

The quirky indie title Don’t Starve has been intriguing me from its place in the Steam store for a while now. Klei Entertainment’s survival game will be making its way to the PlayStation 4, thanks to the PS4 allowing independent developers to self-publish.

The four-player co-op shooter Mercenary Kings will be making its console debut on the PlayStation 4. The pixelated title is also coming to Steam. I can’t be the only one who gets strong Metal Slug vibes from it.

The brilliantly-named Octodad: Dadliest Catch will be coming to Sony’s new console, as well as Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. The game is actually a sequel, with the original being available on the developer’s website.

Following on the theme of clever names, the PlayStation 4 will be getting the action-puzzler Ray’s the Dead from Ragtag Studios. Coming from some of the developers of Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse, I’m pretty excited.

While not as clever of a title as the two previous ones, Galak-Z The Dimensional is a fine title in its own right. Next to nothing is known about the game, but it’s coming from 17-Bit Games, creators of the turn-based strategy game Skulls of the Shogun.


Way back at E3 2006, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Versus 13, which never came to fruition. The title is finally seeing the light of day as Final Fantasy 15, three years after Final Fantasy 13 went international.

Kingdom Hearts 3, which is actually the 10th installment in the franchise, will wrap up the current storyline when it launches for PlayStation 4. It’s been eleven years since the first Kingdom Hearts launched for PlayStation 2.

As much as I look forward to sequels to my favorite games, I love being surprised by new stuff, and I’m pumped for Outlast, a new survival horror title that puts you in Mount Massive Asylum, a long-abandoned home for the mentally ill nestled in the remote Colorado mountains. I’m a huge fan of The Shining, so the Colorado mountains bring back spooky memories.

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New N’ Tasty is a remake of Abe’s Oddysee that will make its way to PlayStation 4 with “slight modifications” while retaining the level designs and puzzles of the original title. This game was a blast when I was younger and I’d love to see how it holds up.


Diablo 3, which is coming to both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, will have exclusive items from Uncharted, Journey, and other PlayStation titles. The game hits PS3 on September 3 and the PS4 later this year.

If Final Fantasy 15 doesn’t do it for you, maybe you’ll like Final Fantasy 14: a Realm Reborn. The massively multiplayer online title will be released for Windows PC and PlayStation 3 on August 27th and will launch on PlayStation 4 later this year.

NBA 2K14, which is one of those sports titles that everyone is always raving about, will hit PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC on October 1 before going on to be a PS4 launch title.

Not only will the Elder Scrolls Online be coming to the PlayStation 4 in Spring of next year, but the console will get the beta first. That should give PS4 owners bragging rights over their Xbox One counterparts.

A game based on the cult classic Mad Max will be coming to PS4, PC, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 in 2014. The game has had a lengthy and somewhat muddled development history, but it looks like it’s finally coming, so maybe I should get around to watching the movies sometime.

We got a first look at Destiny, the new title from Bungie, which is headed to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Despite never being a huge Halo fan, I love Bungie, and I can’t wait to check out Destiny.

According to Jack Tretton, there are over 140 titles in development for the PlayStation 4, thirty of which are coming from SCE Worldwide Studios. Twelve of those titles are new IPs and twenty of them will launch within the PS4’s first year.

The PlayStation Plus service will continue on the PlayStation 4, with existing memberships carrying over. The price will remain the same and subscribers will get a copy of DriveClub, which is a pretty fantastic deal for a launch title.

The Gaikai cloud service will be coming to PlayStation 4 some time in 2014 and will allow for things like instant game streaming, instant demos, and letting friends take over for you mid-game.

The PlayStation 4 will be region-free for games. Then again, so was the PlayStation 3, but Blu-Ray discs themselves can be region-locked.

Just when you’re getting really excited, they take you down a notch. PS4 online multiplayer gaming will require a PlayStation Plus subscription, much like the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Gold. However, PlayStation Plus is still a better deal than Gold, so this isn’t a big issue.

Sony Pictures is working on original content for the PS4 that will be targeted at gamers, which could be really cool or just offensive and pandering.

Redbox Instant is bring 7,000 movies to PS3, PS4, and Vita. Flixster is also on the way, which will help you decide what to watch.

Here’s where Sony starts digging Microsoft’s grave. They were all-too-happy to announce that the PlayStation 4 will support used games without any sort of fee, freeing gamers to sell their games or lend them to their friends. Gamers will also be able to play their games offline without having to check in online once a day to keep them working.

Finally, the PlayStation 4 will cost $399 when it launches this holiday season, a full hundred bucks cheaper than the Xbox One. The console will be 399 in Europe and 349 in the U.K..

What Can I Say?

This was brutal. Microsoft didn’t exactly set the bar very high, but Sony sailed over it with so much ease, it’s embarrassing. An incredibly solid line-up of games and – more importantly – no consumer-unfriendly features like daily check-ins and used games fees gives Sony the easy win.

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