As we go into the long, dark, cold tunnel that is winter, the minds starts trending toward different ways to keep warm without having to sell a kidney to pay the heating bill. How that works at my house is I split the difference between the gas and electric bills by turning the furnace slightly down and using space heaters. But space heaters can be scary, since they hold the potential for bursting into flame and leaving you homeless.

Dyson, however, has taken its brilliant designs in a whole new direction. You’ve probably seen their bladeless fan, right? This is the same thing, but with a heating element. It draws surrounding air into it and heats it with the ceramic heating element, then recirculates it without any of the choppy effect you get from a fan with blades. It also comes with a remote control, so you can change the temperature without leaving the comfort of your easy chair. Heating is even optional, so you can leave it out year-round and use it as a fan in summer as well.

The cool thing is, as with all Dyson models, this one features a tip-over sensor, which will automatically cut the power if your Dyson accidentally gets knocked over. That’s some nice peace of mind, especially if you have children or pets who tend to get a little rambunctious at times. You can choose between and iron/blue or white/silver colour scheme, and each unit weighs just five pounds. The fanless design allows for easy cleaning as well as safe operation.

As always, design brilliance does not come cheap. But then you expected that from Dyson, didn’t you? Each unit will run you $399.00 US.

Source: TechCrunch

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