They don’t seem so big, do they? The cables that allow you to charge and/or transfer data between your iOS devices and your computer? But if you travel with any regularity, or deal with airport security often enough, or just simply spend enough time digging through your bag to find the correct one for the correct devices, this could make all the difference in the world for you. Not to mention the fact that plugging two devices into one USB port allows you to do something else while they’re charging.

The design is simple enough…a USB connector on one end, and then a Y-split into two iOS 30-pin connectors. Now, before you insist that can’t work, you should know it also includes an embedded USB hub which allows both devices to operate as if they were plugged in individually. The drawback is that since they are using the same port, charging will take longer and data transfer will be slower. But it might be worth it to you to get one more thing out of your bag. You can pick one up for just $25.95 US.

Now maybe someday they’ll make one for all my other non-Apple devices. That would be really neat.

Source: Gearlog

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