It looks like we’ve really kicked off a season of retro gaming amazingness. If you’re not satisfied with playing just Double Dragon II on the NES Classic Edition you got for Christmas, a brand new iteration of the treasured beat-em-up franchise is enroute. Yes, a real deal Double Dragon IV will be here at the end of the next month. Billy and Jimmy are back!

Arc System Works, which purchased the rights to the franchise last year, has just officially announced that it will be releasing Double Dragon IV on January 30, 2017. This is not some spinoff “rock on” side gig like how we got with Double Dragon Neon a few years ago. This is a legitimate numbered sequel.

Double Dragon III, which was subtitled as The Rosetta Stone in Japan and as The Sacred Stones in the United States, was released as an arcade game way back in 1990. That’s 26 years ago! Despite having the exactly the same name, the game released on the NES the following year was not an arcade port, but was rather a parallel project developed at the same time. That’s not confusing at all!

Based on the trailer embedded below, Double Dragon IV looks like it will retain more of the “classic” style artwork and gameplay, plus a special 2P Duel mode for what you want to vent some of your frustrations against a buddy. Expect the game to drop as a digital download for PlayStation 4 and via Steam on January 30 for 800 JPY (about $7 USD based on today’s exchange rates).


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