A big, weary, resounding ugh. The notch knockoffs - the notch-offs - aren't going to stop anytime soon. The Oukitel U 18 is a good example. It's become so prevalent that Google's Android P is preparing for the onslaught of notches by working it into the OS. It's a smart idea, because it's here to stay. Just ask the Doogee V.

The Doogee V is the latest phone from the China-based manufacturer and it looks a lot like the iPhone X, notch and all. It's also got a tiny bezel and a wraparound screen. It has a fingerprint sensor, too, but in a relatively novel place: the screen. With the screen taking up all the real estate, Doogee didn't have much of a choice but to implement the scanner right into the screen itself.

Of course, unlike the iPhone X, it doesn't have Face ID. This means, unsurprisingly, that the notch is pointless, as the notch on the iPhone is there to accommodate the Face ID tech. Once again, the notch has been reduced to an unpopular aesthetic.

We don't know the specs yet, nor do we know when it will be available or for how much. We know that the display is 6.2 inches, putting it well into phablet territory. Doogee plans to reveal more information on February 27th.

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