How many times have you been waiting for an important email, and either you find yourself refreshing the page every twelve seconds or you get distracted by something else only to come back and find your email has been waiting for the last ten minutes? I do it all the time, especially since I’ve made the transition to mostly living on my laptop, so everything I do is webmail. Sure, this will look a little silly sitting on your desk, but at least it’s useful.

The main attraction is the fact that it will notify you whenever an email comes into your Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail inbox. But it doesn’t stop there! It will also notify you if an email downloads to your local email client such as Outlook. And there’s even more! You can also get notifications for MSN Messenger and Skype messages. Why wouldn’t you want this thing, especially if you deal with time-sensitive materials on a regular basis? I’m not done yet…it also acts as a USB hub, giving you three ports you can put just about anywhere on your desk.

If you think this is the gadget for you, you can pick one up for just $16.00 US.

Source: Red Ferret

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