Remember last summer when I told you about DestapaBanana? At that time, it wasn’t available nor could I find a price. I even contacted the company (which is in Argentina) to see if they’d be willing to send a sample product for me to review, but that fell through. I’ve been waiting impatiently ever since, so imagine how excited I was to discover recently that it’s finally here!

To recap, DestapaBanana is a gadget that fills a regular banana with decadent fillings like Nutella or caramel. All you have to do is insert an unpeeled banana into DestapaBanana, extract its core using the included tool, and fill the inside with your favourite treat. I would probably choose Nutella most often, but peanut butter would be wonderful as well. Or peanut butter and chocolate chips. Or any number of other fabulous combinations of treats. You’re limited only by the size of the core DestapaBanana takes out of the fruit.

Here’s the best part. I figured this thing was going to be ridiculously expensive, but it turns out you’ll only have to spring for $24.50 US if you want one. Add another nine bucks for shipping, and you’ll soon be enjoying delicious banana treats. I’m going to order mine as soon as I get done writing this post.


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