I am one of those people who will stop reading something to go find the dictionary if for some reason I run across a word I don’t know. What could be better than having a hand-held device right there in my bag that takes the place of a dictionary and a translator at the same time? In addition, it’s a scanner, so if you find something you’ll need later, you can keep it literally at your fingertips.

You can scan up to 20,000 lines of editable text, store it on your pen and transfer it directly into any Windows-based application on your PC, PDA or smartphone later via a USB connection. There are over 45 supported dictionaries (each recognizing over 300,000 words and expressions), so translating almost anything is a cinch. You can view scanned text on a high-res touchscreen, but you can also hear it pronounced correctly out loud (there is an earphone jack so you don’t disturb others around you). It requires two AAA batteries (not included).

If this sounds as neat to you as it does to me, you can pick one up for $289.95 US. Dictionaries cost between $15.00 and $30.00, but you do get discounts the more dictionaries you buy.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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