In response to the recent Sandy Bridge Chipset Issues, CyberPowerPC has publicized how they will take care of customers concerned with this potential issue. They are offering an impressive Sandy Bridge Solution to its current and pending customers who have or are waiting on their Sandy Bridge system featuring B2 stepping Intel Cougar Town P6/H6 chipsets which could encounter SATA issues after some time under certain conditions.

CyberPowerPC Confidence

CyberPowerPC is now offering a 3 year warranty to existing and pending customers waiting for any Sandy Bridge system using the effected B2 stepping Cougar Town P6 and H6 chipsets. Customers who already have their systems can also opt in for a free upgrade to the B3 stepping motherboards when they arrive in April and will cover all shipping costs to make that happen.

Pending customers also have another choice. CyberPowerPC is offering an extra MSI USB3/SATA3 PCIE card featuring a Marvell 9128 controller as well as the 3 year warranty! The card adds 2 x USB 3.0 ports externally and 2 x SATA3 (6Gbps) ports internally to your system. Naturally, it supports all SATA devices.

Or, for pending customers who can’t wait, CyberPowerPC is offering an optional Gulftown upgrade featuring the X58 chipset. We shouldn’t have to tell you that the X58 platform is a powerful option as well.

Ultimately, this new Sandy Bridge Solution should take a huge load off the minds of CyberPowerPC’s customers.

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