About a month ago, we looked at The Tower which solves an admittedly trifling problem, but one that definitely needed a solution. Now there’s another product seeking funding that fulfills a similar function that I might even like better.

The Couchlet is a USB outlet that, as you would assume from its name, places an outlet in your couch for your charging convenience. How many times have you been sitting on the couch (or in my case, in your recliner) and needed to charge your phone while also still needing to use it? Unless you have the world’s best outlet placement or a ridiculously long cord, you have to sit at an awkward and uncomfortable angle in order to do both, and that doesn’t work well for anyone.


Couchlet is really very simple. Its slim design makes it easy to slip between the cushions of your couch, and it folds out to provide a stable base under the cushion to help prevent it being lost along with your spare change and a few stale fries. It comes with a 6-foot cord that uses your existing wall charger for power (or any USB to Edison adapter you may own), and is the same low voltage as the charger you got with your phone.

Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, Couchlet has already received pledges for almost twice their goal with just under three weeks left in the campaign. A pledge of at least $16.00 US will get you one Couchlet (shipping is extra).

Source: Oh Gizmo

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