Corsair continues to be bent on their new Corsair Link software/hardware, which is available in all their products. This time they are bringing the monitoring software to a product no one else has before. Here is the new AX 1200i PSU.

The new PSU from Corsair is a 80+ Platinum certified as this seems to be the theme of Computex 2012. In addition to this, the 100% modular AX 1200i has Corsair Link to set it apart from all other power supplies before it. This allows you to monitor temperature, current draw, and power efficiency, as well as adjust the 140 mm fan speed in real time. The most advanced PSU to date will also come with a 7 year warranty.

And since that is not enough for Corsair, they also announced they would be upgrading the HX Series of PSUs to 80+ Gold certification. The HX Series will continue to be available in 650, 750, 850, and 1050 watts though I am sure the update will require a small price bump. For those details, and the price of the AX 1200i, we will all have to wait until August.

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Corsair Announces World’s Most Advanced PC Power Supply

– Corsair AX1200i DSP-based PSU Features Corsair Link, 80 PLUS Platinum, and fully modular cables for superior monitoring, customization, protection, and efficiency –

June 5, 2012 — Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply, the world’s most advanced modular power supply for PC gamers and enthusiasts.

The AX 1200i’s digitally-controlled power circuitry provides incredibly stable voltages, and exceptionally low ripple and noise. These features are aided by the reduced component count and elegant circuit-board layout made possible by the DSP-based design. These design elements also contribute to the AX1200i’s 80 PLUS® Platinum certification and incredibly high energy-efficiency of up to 92%. The high efficiency also results in reduced heat, allowing the AX 1200i to operate in a silent fanless mode until the PSU load reaches 40% of the maximum power rating.

“Corsair has earned a reputation as one of world’s best providers of enthusiast PSUs, and with the AX 1200i, we have raised the technology and performance bar far above anything the market has seen,” said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager of the Components Business Unit at Corsair. “By designing the first DSP-based enthusiast PSU and integrating our unique Corsair Link technology, we can offer enthusiasts a PSU with a matchless combination of performance and customizable features.”

AX 1200i’s DSP-based design, combined with Corsair Link™ technology, provides enthusiasts with unprecedented control over the features and performance characteristics of their PSU. This includes real-time monitoring of temperature, current draw, and power efficiency, as well as the ability to adjust the speed of the internal 140 mm fan. These features also allow for a unique level of customization, such as the ability to switch from the default single +12V rail configuration to a tailored “multi-rail” mode, with the ability to set over current protection set-points on a per-rail basis.

Corsair Professional Series HX Power Supplies upgraded with 80 PLUS Gold certification

In addition to launching the flagship AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply, Corsair is also updating its highly respected Professional Series HX range. The upgrades include 80 PLUS Gold certification, providing up to 90% energy-efficiency, and significantly lower noise levels. The new HX PSUs now feature a silent fanless operation mode at low loads. Incredibly, the new HX PSUs are available at the same price points as the outgoing models. The new Professional Series HX range is available in 650W, 750W, 850W and 1050W wattage ratings.

Pricing and Availability

Both the AX 1200i Digital ATX Power Supply and the upgraded Professional Series HX will be available beginning in August from Corsair’s worldwide network of authorized distributors and resellers. Pricing will be announced upon product release. They are supplied with a Limited 7-year warranty and are backed up by Corsair’s highly regarded customer service and technical support.

Individually sleeved cable kits, in red, white, blue and black, are available for the new PSUs on

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