Remember when you had to stick an actual physical cartridge into a console? Remember taking that cartridge out to blow on it before sticking it back in? Remember when there was no such thing as DLC and multiplayer meant actually having your friends sitting next to you? That was the retro-inspired dream of the Coleco Chameleon that was announced last December and shown off at the New York Toy Fair last month. We wanted it to be real. It might still be, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Declared by way of a Facebook post on the Retro Video Game Systems page, the Kickstarter for the Coleco Chameleon has been delayed indefinitely. The uplifting and optimistic as the post may sound, talking about delivering the best possible experience for gamers, there’s a dark cloud hanging overhead that this “delay” could be akin to when a presidential candidate “suspends” his or her campaign.

Retro Video Game Systems, the company behind the Coleco Chameleon, says that they are delaying the Kickstarter so that they can “finalized our prototype and work with developers on having the best possible content.” They say that this delay won’t affect the final launch date of the console.

You could remain hopeful, but as Gizmodo points out, this “delay” could be much more problematic. RetroVGS had to scrap its original project (based on the Atari Jaguar) because of crowdfunding issues. The Indiegogo campaign came up well short of its goal. Could they turns things around? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out… and we might be waiting for a while.

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