Chromebooks have always had a reputation for being cheap work machines, but Google wants you to know that, though that might be what they’re best at, they’re capable of a lot more. That’s why they’ve teamed up with HP to produce the Chromebook 13, a thin, all-metal laptop with impressive specs for a Chromebook.

The Chromebook 13 is the first of its kind to use an Intel Core m Skylake processor, and it can be designed with 16GB of RAM, making it a bit of a tiny powerhouse. It’s 13.3-inch display can go all the way up to 3200×1800.

The Chromebook 13 was introduced today at a New York event, where attendees got to check out its two USB-C ports, a USB 3.0 port, headphone jack, and microSD card reader. Google is pushing the laptop for business use, and thinks an accompanying dock – the Elite USB-C Docking Station – will sweeten the deal.

Pricing for the Chromebook 13 starts at $499, but that price goes up quite a bit when you max out the specs. The $499 model doesn’t have the Core m processor, but a low-end Pentium chip. The laptop will begin shipping in May.

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