If you’ve decided to flash your smartphone (or tablet) with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, then you may have begun to notice some of the new features the update has provided. Many of these have already been discussed, like Doze Mode, but here’s another highlight to help better manage your battery life: camera and flashlight usage.

In the settings menu in Android, you’ve been able to check on which apps are consuming the most battery life for some time now. Tapping your way through, you could also see when the phone was awake, when the screen was on, when you had an active Wi-Fi connection and so on. With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a couple of new bars have been added to that screen.

You can now see when the camera was active, as well as when the flashlight was on. As you can imagine, leaving the camera and flashlight on for an extended period of time can be a serious battery drain — as all your Snapchatters and Periscopers might attest — so it’s good to keep tabs on this sort of thing.


The bars for camera and flashlight activity don’t appear until you’ve actually used them since your last charge. Realistically, though, the bigger battery drain will always be when your phone is constantly hunting for cellular network signal. If you find yourself with a little too much yellow or red, poor signal is likely a bigger culprit for poor battery life.

Via Android Police

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