And so the battle for smart voice assistant domination continues. Last week, we learned that Amazon is expanding its Alexa plans to include a broader array of third-party devices from third-party companies. This means that you’re not tied to your Amazon Echo to get your Alexa fix. Google is doing the same with Google Assistant, aggressively opening up that conversation with more and more companies.

We’re already familiar with how much you can accomplish by hollering “Hey Google” across the room to your Google Home Mini and how you can squeeze your Google Pixel 2 XL to ask about the tomorrow’s weather report in Tallahassee. Now, Google is looking to give you more options to get what they’re calling “your personal Google.”

In addition to the Google Home family of smart speakers, for instance, they’ve partnered up to bring Google Assistant to a whole new series of voice-activated speakers from such companies as Bang & Olufsen, JBL, LG, Knit Audio, and Braven. We already know that Google Assistant is supposed to be coming to the Sonos One smart speaker later this year, so this just means we’ll have more options beyond Google’s own self-branded smart speakers.

But it’s not just about smart speakers either. Google Assistant will also be integrated into a number of “smart displays” as well. From what I can gather, these will be third-party alternatives to something like the Echo Show or Echo Spot, except with Google Assistant. This will give you voice-activated (and touchscreen-enabled) access to YouTube videos, Google Duo video calls, Google Photos, and so on. These “smart displays” are being planned from companies like Lenovo, Sony and LG.


Google Assistant is also expanding to existing Android TVs from TCL, Xiaomi and Skyworth, as well as new Android TVs from Changhong, Funai, and Haier. LG plans to integrate Assistant in a new line of televisions too.

But wait. There’s still more.

If you’re not a fan of the Pixel Buds (or just want another option), the smart assistant is being expanded to other headphones from JBL, LG and Sony. These headphones are “optimized for the Google Assistant,” so you can talk to Assistant just by touching the earbud, just like you do on the Pixel Buds. Google Assistant is also expanding to Android Auto, the system that is already available on some 400 models from 40+ automotive brands.


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