That's it, folks. Following our MEGATech gaming accessory video from yesterday, here is our fifth and final video from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In this video, we cover a variety of gadgets and technology that are perfectly adapted to our digital lifestyles both at home and on the road. That includes portable drives, laptop coolers, Android home entertainment boxes, and even a massive tablet-desktop all-in-one.

Rosewill (0:00): We start off again in the Rosewill booth, taking a look at some IP cameras that they have. This is a very easy way to set up some surveillance in your home or office, allowing you to keep tabs on your stuff when you're not there.

Asus (0:31): We've seen the Asus Transformer line of Android tablets before, but a new all-in-one PC takes that to a whole new level. The Transformer AIO features a massive 18.4-inch IPS display that you can use as a standalone Android 4.1.1 tablet with about 5 hours of battery life. Put it in its docking station, though, and you get the full blown Windows 8 experience. Another great product from Asus is the new Qube with Google TV. This goes beyond other HD media players with a gyroscopic control, HDMI in and out, and Google TV 3.0.

Seagate Technology (6:38): We briefly covered the Seagate Wireless Plus last week and now you can see it in video form. It's a WiFi-enabled portable drive that allows you to stream HD content to multiple wireless devices, boasting a full terabyte of internal storage. There's also the Seagate Central, which aims to centralize all the content in your home for ease of access and enjoyment.

Cooler Master (11:49): You might already be familiar with the variety of Cooler Master notebook coolers, but now they've got several new products in this mobile cooling range. There's one that works like a breakfast-in-bed table, complete with cooling fan, and then there's another that combines the comforts of a lapdesk with the performance of active cooling. And yes, they've got a beefier cooler for gaming notebooks too.

Diamond Multimedia (14:01): Following our review of the Diamond Multimedia WPCTVPRO, we take a look at three more products from this expanding company. They have a super compact Bluetooth speaker, a unique Android-powered set top box for home entertainment, and an IP camera that does not require a PC to set up. That's quite the variety and it clearly indicates that Diamond wants to support our digital lifestyle!

Rocstor (15:06): Last, but certainly not least, we approach the realm of encryption and higher levels of security with three different portable hard drives from Rocstor. They offer varying levels of security, including one version that needs both a key card and a PIN to be entered each time you want to access the data within. The encryption is all hardware-based, making for an easy yet powerful way to protect your private data.

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