Maybe I’m really just a Luddite at heart hiding behind the guise of a gadget maven. Although I absolutely understand wanting a full-sized keyboard to use with your smartphone (one of my most hated activities is trying to type on my phone, and I’ve got one of the bigger screens available), I just can’t be convinced that a laser-projected virtual keyboard would be any better. This one has an added feature that might make it better for me, though…sound. When you type, the “keys” click. I think that’s neat.

The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard uses Bluetooth to pair with your device and will give you a full-size keyboard on any flat surface. This version not only adds a key clicking sound, but the display has been improved so the interface is almost liquid. It uses gesture recognition software to produce the clicking of the keys as necessary. Because it uses Bluetooth, it is compatible with almost any tablet, smartphone, or laptop (although why you would need a virtual keyboard for your laptop instead of just using the one it comes with is a little beyond me…maybe for netbooks?).

The projector will fit in the palm of your hand, thus saving space in your bag. And the projection is bright enough you can use it under regular light without worrying you won’t be able to see it well. Although if you’re like me, the reason you need a full-size keyboard is because you actually type, which makes that whole thumb-typing thing pretty much the most annoying thing ever…which in turn means you don’t have to look at the keys when you type. It will be nice to make sure your hands are in the right place, though, since there are no physical clues to feel.

Convenience doesn’t come cheap, though. If you want one of these, it’s going to cost you $170.00 US. But you will be one of the coolest kids in the coffee shop.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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