Find yourself wallowing in sin and in desperate need of divine forgiveness? Don’t despair, there’s an app for that! Well there will be, soon, when The Catholic App goes live in 2017.

That’s the app’s official name, though the nickname Sindr popped up fairly quickly. Sometimes the Internet is alright. The app in question will not absolve you of your sins, but will instead give you the location of nearby Mass and confessionals so that you can go do it properly. The app was launched at the Vatican on Tuesday – because where else would it be launched – and will go live in 2017.

According to Edinburgh’s Archbishop Leo Cushley, the idea was inspired by God himself, who said to “be imaginative” for the Holy Year of Mercy (which, if I’ve done my homework properly, just ended on November 20th).

Technology is a wonderful, wonderful thing, and in many cases extremely practical, so it’s always refreshing to see it embraced in such an inventive way.

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