Even though I don’t get to play with it as often as I would like to, I really do like my Nintendo Switch. It’s a great little console and I really appreciate how versatile it can be. That said, it is certainly not without its shortcomings and frustrations, one of which has been the inability to transfer game saves between systems. Well, that’s finally changing with the latest firmware update. Yes, you can now transfer your Nintendo Switch game saves to another console.

This new feature comes by way of the latest Switch software update, version 4.0.0, which should be getting pushed out to your consoles as you read this if it hasn’t already arrived.

While most people aren’t going to have multiple consoles, this seems like something that Nintendo seriously overlooked. In addition to being able to transfer your Nintendo Switch game saves, the update effectively allows you to transfer your whole user profile. That’s both good and bad, because it results in a one-way migration of user data.

You can’t have the user information and associated save data across more than one Switch. That includes what software you’ve purchased with that account. It also means you can’t try to recover a profile or save data from a lost or broken Switch either.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just back it all up to the cloud?


The other big part of the version 4.0.0 update is that it now allows for video capture too. Yes, you can finally move beyond screenshots to get actual video gameplay. All you have to do is hold the screen capture button instead of just pressing it.

This comes with two very serious caveats, however. First, the video capture will only work for “select games,” which currently include Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS and Splatoon 2. The other big shortcoming is that it’ll only capture the last 30 seconds, so you can’t document anything too substantial. That could change at some point in the future.

Once the clips are saved, you can then share them on Facebook or Twitter just like a screenshot. Personally, I’m just waiting for Netflix to show up in the Switch eShop. It’s gotta be coming, right?

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