Let me start by saying I live on the edge, and as I sit here my unprotected laptop camera is pointing directly at me. Which means if someone has bothered to hack it, they can see me sitting here with my hair piled on top of my head, periodically sipping a cup of hot cocoa. I’m not fussed. But I do understand that it is a concern for some people that their cameras could be used to record them without their knowledge, and this product is designed with those folks in mind.

CameraBadge aims to replace the small piece of duct tape or perhaps Disney Princess sticker you’re currently using to cover your camera. It comes in just the right size to cover the camera on your laptop, tablet, or phone, and is available in several different designs. The stickers are made out of vinyl, and leave no residue. They’re also repositionable, in case you actually want to use your camera for something.

I’m sorry, I can’t stop giggling. I know this is actually a concern for a lot of people, but most of the ones I know in my personal life who are worried about someone hacking their cameras are the same people who rarely update their anti-virus if they even have one. And I honestly have no idea why you would need to buy a sticker specifically designed to cover your camera when you can use a small piece of tape for virtually free.

But hey… it takes all kinds, and more power to Etsy maker nilsellis1 for putting these out there to fulfill an obvious need. If you’d like a sheet, it’ll cost you just $7.00 US, and you get to choose between three designs (Aperture, Analogue, and Cronkite).

Source: Oh Gizmo

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