Less than two weeks ago, we reported that Nevada approved regulations for autonomous driverless cars. Now California is looking to do the same, as California legislators have drafted a bill looking to legalize driverless cars in The Golden State. The bill is sponsored by State Senator Alex Padilla, a trained mechanical engineer.

Google has been testing their driverless cars on California roads for some time, because the act isn’t explicitly illegal. But by officially making it legal, it would allow for the DMV to begin enforcing safety rules. Bottom line, if we want autonomous cars to be an actual thing, we need the states to start officially adopting them for any real progress to be made.

The bill put forth is modeled after Nevada’s bill – after a car has logged 10,000 miles on private tracks, a testing license can be obtained and two operators must be a in a testing vehicle. Similar bills are being introduced in Florida, Hawaii, and Oklahoma.

via Slash Gear

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