This is yet another thing that I simply cannot decide if it’s sheer brilliance or complete ridiculousness. On the surface, brilliant! Instead of having to play Hide & Seek with your kids when you have things to do, you can instead take short breaks to hide the monkey for them to seek. Once you get underneath, however…is doing laundry so very important that you can’t take some time between shuffling loads to play with your kids? I’m probably being too judgmental again. It happens.

Anyway, how this works is pretty simple. Have your kids cover their eyes while you hide the monkey. Then give them the wand and go back to whatever you were doing. The wand communicates with a receiver in the monkey, and when they get close to its hiding place it begins to make monkey sounds so they can find it. Then they just need to come find you again so you can hide it again. Hours of fun, no?

The Hide & Seek Monkey is recommended for ages two and up (and really…if your kid is younger than two, they probably aren’t going to be too interested in playing hide & seek anyway), and requires one 9V and three AAA batteries, which are included. If you don’t feel like using the wand, it makes a cute stuffed monkey for your kids to cuddle. Cost is just $35.00 US.

Source: Red Ferret

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