You know what would be really cool? Having your favourite picture immortalized in LEGO bricks. You never thought out it until now, did you? But it would be incredibly neat. The trouble would be trying to decide which picture to use, or at least that’s the problem I would have. But Brick-A-Pic wants to make it happen for you.

You’re probably thinking, yeah, I could do that myself. And you could! The thing is, in order to get the colours right, and the “pixels” placed correctly, it’s going to require an awful lot of time and effort, not to mention a great deal of money if you need colours of bricks that aren’t always readily available. That’s where the folks at Brick-A-Pic come in. They’ve created software that automatically determines which LEGO colours are needed. They also have an algorithm that figures out where the bricks need to be placed, and produces a parts list with detailed instructions.

In addition, Brick-A-Pic will have all the possible colours and sizes of LEGO bricks in stock, whereas if you were to do this yourself you would have to order them from a wide variety of sources in order to get what you need. Instead of doing all that legwork yourself, all you have to do is get the entire mosaic kit from them. Of course, if you really want to do the work yourself, there is an option to order only the plans from them, and then you’re on your own. But that still saves you a few hours’ worth of work.

Brick-A-Pic is currently a Kickstarter project, seeking funding through August 13th. A pledge of $10.00 US will get you the downloadable plans only after your picture is converted (you supply the bricks). If you’re like me and can’t decide what picture to use, a pledge of $25.00 US will give you five pictures’ worth of downloadable plans. But what if you want the entire mosaic kit, bricks and plans included? A pledge of $75.00 US will get you a 16×16 kit, $125.00 US will get you a medium kit (32×32), and the biggest one of all, 48×48, will require a pledge of $250.00 US.

If you’d like to get in on this, you’ve still got time, but some of those prices I listed are early bird specials and they’re going fast. If you can’t decide, head over to the Brick-A-Pic website to upload your picture. They’ll convert it and save it for 48 hours until you make up your mind. Check out the video to see how simple it can be to immortalize your photo in LEGO. If they achieve their funding goals, Brick-A-Pic hopes to start delivering kits in October.

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