Have you been thinking about getting yourself an action camera, but you’re having a hard time justifying the expense? Or maybe you’re note terribly interested in alternative brands and options like the Polaroid Cube+. Well, today is your lucky day, because the new GoPro Hero action camera is being sold for a mere $199.


The first thing that might confuse you about this new action camera for 2018 is its name. This is simply the new GoPro Hero. There is no number after its name to differentiate it from its predecessors, because it’s not really meant to be a generational successor.

And remember, it’s only $199. That’s the same price as the GoPro Hero5 Session, which is capable of shooting 4K video but does not come with a touchscreen LCD on the back. That’s one of the trade-offs you’ll have to consider. Realistically, the new GoPro Hero looks an awful lot like last year’s GoPro Hero6 Black, except the latter is twice the price at $399.

With the new Hero, you lose 4K recording (you’ll top out at 1440p at 60fps), but you do get to keep a 2-inch touchscreen (with “streamlined” options), WiFi connectivity to your phone, and even voice control. The usual GoPro stuff applies here too, like water resistance up to 30 feet, image stabilization, and access to the massive library of GoPro accessories.

The new GoPro Hero is available now through the company’s website and should filter through the regular suite of retail and e-tail channels soon enough.

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