A lot of new PC enthusiasts think there are basically only two kinds of custom PCs: the ultra quiet PC and the loud, gaming system. The truth is somewhere in the middle, especially with the help of a high quality fan controller. BitFenix has two great entires to the fan controller market with the Hydra Pro and Recon.

We will start with the basic tried and true fan controller. Using several 30 watt per channel low profile sliders, the Hydra Pro is perfect for any system. It doesn’t matter if you have a front door or not, as long as you have a single 5.25″ bay to spare. You can also combine the Hydra Pro with the Spectre and Spectre Pro fans from BitFenix with the added bonus of a one button control for the LEDs.

The next fan controller is the one most people will be talking about for the next few weeks and I will tell you why. The Recon is an LED, touch screen fan controller with up to five channels with Internet connected external control software. You can literally control your systems fans/temperature from virtually anywhere via a smartphone or Internet connected device.

System too loud to hear your movie, but it’s in another room? Just laid down and forgot to switch to silent running mode? Left for work already with your Fold@Home project running, but your fans are all off? None of that is a problem with the BitFenix Recon with real-time status monitoring, and easy profile creation. Oh, and did I mention that whole mobile Internet access thing? ‘Cause it is kinda awesome.

Even if you never use the Internet access feature, the Recon is still a very stylish touch screen fan controller. Both the Recon and Hydra Pro have the BitFenix SoftTouch treatment. I am beginning to think that the BitFenix engineers don’t like the feel of metal. Both of these great accessories can be found right now at select e-tailers with the BitFenix Recon MSRP being $39 US and 34.90€ in the EU. More details and where to buy below.

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BitFenix Launches Recon™ and Hydra Pro™

Take total control over your system with two revolutionary fan controllers from BitFenix

(BitFenix Design Lab, May 18, 2012) – BitFenix is proud to introduce two brand new fan controllers designed to put the user in the driver’s seat – Recon™ and Hydra Pro™. Recon is the world’s first Internet-connected fan controller, offering total control even on the go. Hydra Pro delivers powerful 30W per channel performance and, when combined with BitFenix Spectre™ and Spectre Pro™ LED fans, convenient push-button LED on/off functionality.

“Users have been clamoring for these two devices for a while now, and I’m proud to report that the wait is finally over,” says BitFenix Product Manager David Jarlestedt. “With Recon and Hydra Pro, BitFenix once again takes our disruptive ideas and brings them into a new design space – fan controllers. Offering never-before-seen functionality at competitive price points, Recon and Hydra Pro are set to become the go-to thermal control devices for enthusiasts the world over.”


Designed for the new age of mobile devices, Recon is the world’s first Internet-connected fan controller. After installing the included Windows-based software, this five-channel fan controller enables users to connect to it using smartphones, tablets or laptops via the Internet. Once connected, users can monitor and adjust their fans and temperatures via their mobile device. Best of all, the mobile interface is browser-based, which means it is compatible with virtually any mobile operating system, including iOS, Android, or Windows. At home, the easy-to-use touchscreen interface displays current system temperatures and fan speeds, while giving easy access to the Recon’s advanced functionality.

Recon sports two specially-designed microprocessors that continuously interact with your motherboard, providing real-time status monitoring and control. Users can also save presets and recall up to three presets on-the-fly, making quick adjustments push-button simple. And to keep things looking awesome, Recon’s SofTouch™ bezel delivers a luxurious matte finish and soft feel. With Recon, users are always in total control of their system – even on the go.

Hydra Pro™

Two devices in one, Hydra Pro combines a powerful fan controller with an LED control device. Its five thermal channels deliver up to 30W of power each, and are easily controlled via low-profile sliders that make it compatible with a wide variety of cases – even those with doors.

But when coupled with BitFenix Spectre and Spectre Pro LED fans, Hydra Pro really begins to shine. Users can connect their Spectre and Spectre Pro LED fans to Hydra Pro using the two pin cable that comes with every Spectre and Spectre Pro LED fan. Once connected, users can control fan LEDs with a single button push. Featuring signature BitFenix SofTouch™ surface treatment on the outside, Hydra Pro makes an attractive addition to virtually any system.

Pricing and Availability

BitFenix Recon carries an MSRP of 34.90€ in the EU, $39 in North America, and is available at the following retailers:

North America

Performance PCs (http://www.performance-pcs.com)

Canada Computers (http://canadacomputers.com)


Caseking (http://www.caseking.de)

Overclockers UK (http://www.overclockers.co.uk)

Specialtech (http://www.specialtech.co.uk)


PC Case Gear (http://pccasegear.com)

Scorptech (http://www.scorptec.com.au)


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