BitFenix is still a relative newcomer to the PC component marketplace and thus far have been doing quite well. With a sleek style all their own and a few features only they offer, they have made themselves a nice home among PC case makers. They are starting the year by reminding us they have been here longer than we remember with an update to one of their most popular cases in the Shinobi XL.

There is nothing fancy done here. The original BitFenix Shinobi is one of their most popular cases and with good reason. It is well rounded, well priced, and proven to perform. The Shinobi XL is the exactly same case in a Full Tower design. This version of the case will come with the BitFenix SoftTouch treatment, rotating/removable internal drive rack, three fans (two 230 mm and one 120 mm), four USB 3.0 front panel ports, support for 360 mm radiators for water cooling, and XL-ATX motherboard compatibility.

If you liked the BitFenix Shinobi, but needed more room for your equipment, you should take a hard look at the Shinobi XL as your next case. At an MSRP of $149 or 139 € (incl. 19% VAT), it is still well priced for anyone looking for a case this size.

Features Include:

  • Classic Shinobi Styling – Same sleek modern design of BitFenix Shinobi mid tower
  • Superior Watercooling Support – Fits 360mm radiator on top, and 360mm in front or 240mm on bottom
  • XL-ATX Compatibility – Fits the latest XL-ATX motherboards with 9 PCI slots
  • BitFenix SuperCharge™ Port – Supplies up to 2.5A for charging mobile devices
  • Four SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Ports – Two 20-pin internal connectors with included 9-pin header for USB 2.0
  • BitFenix FlexCage™ Hard Disk Rack – rotate or remove for ultimate flexibility
  • BitFenix Spectre™ Cooling – Two 230mm and one 120mm Spectre™ fan included
  • BitFenix SofTouch™ Surface Treatment – luxurious matte finish and soft feel
  • Hassle-free Installation – Tool-free drive locking mechanisms, rubber grommets and filtered intakes

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BitFenix Introduces Shinobi XL

XL-ATX chassis features classic design, superior water cooling support and SuperCharge™ port

Since its release in April 2011, the BitFenix Shinobi has proven to be our most popular chassis design yet. Today, BitFenix is proud to introduce a bigger and badder follow up to this classic design – Shinobi XL. Packing XL-ATX compatibility, superior flexibility, and an all-new SuperCharge™ port, Shinobi XL is a deadly new entry in the full tower segment.

“Since the introduction of our original Shinobi, fans have been writing in and posting in forums asking for a larger version,” says BitFenix Product Manager David Jarlestedt. “Boasting all new features and nearly limitless flexibility for modders and water cooling enthusiasts alike, Shinobi XL is a lot more than just a size update – it’s a complete revamp.”

On the outside, Shinobi XL borrows the same battle-proven design that has made Shinobi a classic. Everything from the meshed fan vents and brushed aluminum logo to the signature BitFenix SofTouch™ surface treatment is faithfully reproduced. But one step closer reveals an entirely different warrior. Like its name suggests, Shinobi XL can accommodate XL-ATX motherboards with nine PCI slots for even the most extreme setups. On top, users are treated to four SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, as well as a new innovation – the BitFenix SuperCharge™ port. This port is specifically designed for charging mobile devices, offering up to 2.5A of current for fast charging.

The stealthiest warriors need to have ice running through their veins, which is why Shinobi XL is designed with water cooling in mind. Inside, users will find the BitFenix FlexCage™ hard disk rack which can be either rotated or removed entirely for optimum flexibility. Once removed, Shinobi XL can accommodate a host of water cooling equipment, including a 360mm radiator on top, a 360mm radiator in front, or a 240mm radiator on the bottom right out of the box. If air cooling is more your speed, Shinobi XL has you covered with two 230mm and one 120mm BitFenix Spectre™ fan included. Multiple fan locations are also built in, allowing users to outfit Shinobi XL with up to three 230mm, one 140mm, or nine 120mm fans for keeping your components cool in any situation.

Working with your system should be a no-nonsense affair, so Shinobi XL comes with an assortment of friendly features to get you off the workbench and into battle as quickly as possible. Tool-free drive locking mechanisms make it easy to secure your drives, while a large CPU cooler cutout allows users to swap out CPU coolers without removing the motherboard. Shinobi XL offers a bevy of cable management features including over 3cm of space behind the motherboard tray, and rubber grommets to protect your cables and reduce air turbulence inside the chassis. Removable dust filters on all air intakes make cleanup a breeze and anti-vibration pads help absorb vibrations from the power supply. To top things off, the included 5.25″ drive bay adapter allows you to install additional hard disks, SSDs, or card readers, making Shinobi XL a dream to work with.

BitFenix Shinobi XL will be available on store shelves beginning March 2012 with an estimated MSRP of 139€ (incl. 19% VAT) in the EU and $149 in North America.

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