Following up on the success of their Colossus ATX Full Tower Enclosure, fledgling case manufacturer BitFenix has announced the availability of their new Survivor chassis which is a mid-tower ATX addition to their line up. It’s aimed at the regular LAN party attendee and features a ruggedized construction that is finished with a soft rubber coating which resists scratches and stains. I assume they mean coffee or energy drink stains.

As seen in the sneak peak video from this year’s COMPUTEX 2010 in Taipei, the chassis was originally designed using a lot of mesh for maximum air flow, but it seems that in BitFenix’s recent trailer, the mesh is missing in the final version. I assume it was to ensure that the case maintained its durability and security since mesh is usually pretty flexy and flimsy. Cooling is instead provided by up to two 200mm fans or three 120mm fans and and is emblazoned with an LED backlit company logo at the top of the case which can be turned off at the push of a button if you’re not into having it blind you.

The front IO panel is completely concealed and features headphone, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and eSATA ports while their S2 Security system keeps your peripherals locked down by concealing the wiring inside the case so that they don’t go walking off during a LAN party. Speaking of which, one of the most unique features is the flip up handle that allows you to easily transport the case back and forth from LAN even to LAN event. The case also has room for up to nine 2.5 inch SSD drives or seven 3.5 inch drives. The drive cages are also modular allowing you to install the largest of graphics cards.

Finally, the Survivor will come in two versions: the Survivor which will come in at $109 US and a slightly lower end Survivor Core which will list at $89 US. The cheaper Survivor Core will be missing a fan, their S2 security system and USB 3.0 ports but we expect the minimal difference in price to push people to the higher end version.

The official press release can be found at the BitFenix Website.

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