Drinking and driving is something of a huge problem, regardless of how harsh the laws or how frequent the PSAs against it. One problem is what happens to me sometimes, where I’m enjoying myself at a party and honestly have no idea how many adult beverages I’ve consumed. Over the years I’ve heard of a bunch of different ways people use to try to keep track (my favourite is to always drink beer in a bottle, and to pocket the bottle caps when you open a new one), but they all rely on your remembering to do something. As you know if you’ve ever indulged in a bit too much alcohol, remembering is not necessarily a strong suit.

The Bevometer is a Kickstarter project that aims to keep track of how much you’ve had to drink without requiring anything from you. It’s a koozie, so it’s practical since many people use them. But here’s the neat part: It keeps track of how many bottles or cans have been inserted. You slide in a bottle of your favourite brew, and the counter clicks over to “1”. Empty that one and replace it with a fresh one, and it clicks to “2”. Much like an odometer vs. a trip meter in your car, you can either keep track of “this time” or “lifetime”. For some folks, that lifetime option might get a little scary, but you can reset either number with the press of a button. Of course, this would also be good for those of you trying to increase your intake of water or limit your number of soft drinks, since it will count the number of those bottles or cans as well.

Included are two watch-sized batteries, which should last about six months of normal use. The memory chip will hold your beverage count even when you change batteries, so no worries about losing your numbers. Bevometer will go to sleep after a period of inactivity to conserve battery life; to wake it up, simply press the “wake” button and carry on like you would with any other device.

There is a little less than two weeks left for the funding window, and they’re close but not there yet. If you would like to back this project, a base pledge of $5.00 US will get you four Bevometer logo stickers. If you’d like a Bevometer, you’ll have to pledge at least $20.00 US (your choice of their logo, standard graphic, or no logo; free shipping in the US). A pledge of at least $125.00 US lets you choose your own one-colour logo to be printed on your Bevometer, plus access to your custom graphic in the future. If these make it to market, you’ll be able to order them in quantity for giveaways or souvenirs. Neat, huh?

Source: Unique Daily

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