I love movies, like a lot, but fighting the crowds and paying four-thousand bucks for a tub of popcorn (which you should do, it’s how they make their money) gets tiresome. With streaming being the new normal, the future is in home theaters, and BenQ’s HT8050 home theater projector is a nice, expensive solution.

When I say expensive, I mean $7,999 expensive. You’re not going to put this thing in your living room. It offers 4K quality and has THX HD Display certification, just like IMAX theaters. The lens array uses 14 elements for improved sharpness, color, and brightness. It’s a killer rig, but it’s obviously meant for actual home theaters, not the “home theater” that consists of your flatscreen and a couple of powerful sub-woofers.

The HT8050 will only be available from select resellers like AVAD and AVI-SPL, because it’s not super consumer-friendly, but in all seriousness if you live in a bigger city and going out to the movies is a family affair, this thing would pay for itself faster than you think.

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