Belkin has found a brilliant new way to harass and terrorize your family members and roommates: light switches that are controlled from a mobile app. The WeMo Light Switch uses Wi-Fi to give you remote access to your household lights, allowing you to turn them on and off, put them on a schedule, or set them to turn on and off with the sunset and sunrise.

According to the director of product management at Belkin, the goal was to bring simplicity and approachability to a market that can be daunting to consumers. I don’t know about that, though. TV infomercials have taught me that senior citizens love the Clapper.

The WeMo lightswitch can be controlled with any smartphone or tablet running iOS 5 or Android 4.0 or higher. The switches can be purchased at Belkin.com for $49.99 each.

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Playa Vista, CA – July 22, 2013 – Belkin, creator of people-inspired technology products, today announced availability of the WeMo Light Switch, bringing a new layer of innovation to the simple, ingenious WeMo smart home platform. The Light Switch is a Wi-Fi connected light switch that allows users to remotely access and manage an entire bank of household lights from anywhere using the WeMo app.

WeMo Light Switch – HeroImage“The WeMo Light Switch brings the simplicity, affordability and approachability of WeMo to a remote lighting control market that can sometimes be daunting to consumers, said Ohad Zeira, director of product management at Belkin. “The Light Switch was the most requested new product by loyal WeMo users, and we are happy to offer another product that delivers the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can control and monitor your home from wherever you are, whenever you want.”

The WeMo Light Switch is easily connected into a home’s existing electrical wiring, replacing a current light switch. Once in place and connected to the home’s Wi-Fi network, users can access the free WeMo app to turn lights on or off, put them on a schedule, and even time them according to the sunrise and sunset from anywhere using an iOS or Android 4 device. The Light Switch also features integration with IFTTT, an online service that creates triggers using different Internet-based services such as email, weather and social media.

WeMo Light Switch (F7C030) $49.99
· Control household lighting remotely via a smartphone or tablet

· Works with any Wi-Fi® router, Apple® device with iOS v5 or higher, and Android™ device 4.0 or higher

· Operates over Wi-Fi and mobile Internet, at home and away

Works with the free WeMo app
No subscription fee or hub required

The WeMo Light Switch is available now at belkin.com and select retailers. The free WeMo app is available now for iOS and will be available today on the Google Play Store for Android 4.0 or higher.


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